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Why Astrology?

a way of understanding why – for me personally

Why Astrology – why such a devotion and integration of it’s practice, insights, exploration – into my life? why the years of slow building relationship with so many symbols, planets, signs, houses, aspects, etc… what do I get out of Astrology that feeds and nourishes me so much that I am consistently compelled to return and review and reconsider and explore and continue to discover? I was raised in a strong codependent dynamic, and because I internalized habits of deferring choices to others, behaviors of relinquishing power, It was so hard for me to hear, value, trust, prioritize, and act upon my own internal voice and unique sense of navigation. I was taught to make choices and put myself in situations at the consideration of everyone else before me, and it led me into upsetting circumstances. I needed to find a better way to navigate my experience than by always tuning myself to the frequency of others. so what does Astrology do for me...? it empowers me to listen and reflect upon my own unique, personal, individual sense of my self, my own experience of my own life. It creates space for me to explore the pattern of me, a pattern that is irrefutable, and untouchable to others. A pattern that cannot be altered by the external forces of society or anything. Astrology supports me in validating and strengthening my own resonance, and this in turn helps me navigate my life’s experiences in a way that resonates with my personal highest good; and by moving more towards my most authentic self, it likewise enriches others around me through it’s ripples. Astrology for me has always been so much less about what someone else can tell me about myself, and so much more about what I can learn about myself through exploring, feeling, thinking, and meditating on how different aspects of it resonate with my lived experience. Astrology beckons me to establish, build, and consolidate a foundational space of hearing the self within me, in order to help harmonize and heal the conditioning of my codependent upbringing. It supports my sense of agency to take responsibility for my goals, my needs, and the strategies I use to meet them. And it’s amazingly powerful at that! At the same time, because Astrology is a study based on observable phenomenon in our cosmos, because it has a connection point to a grounded ‘objective’ reality – the fact that there is a physical planetary body in a relative position to the earth we live on, and anyone can corroborate this information independently – Astrology is posited at this unique juncture between physical and etheric realms when it comes to ‘divinatory’ arts. That ‘ground’ I’ve recognized is something important to me, it lends a stability I need that I find indicated in my own natal chart (Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the Capricorn/ Jupiter in Taurus). This is not to say I do not use, value, or enjoy other divinatory methods, I do engage in Tarot, etc. but Astrology is definitely my anchor point in that grounded way. Ultimately Astrology asks me to observe, and it gently points me in the direction of incredibly useful observation. In a world full of distractions to our attention and voices trying to tell me to be like anything besides myself, Astrology creates space for me to observe what is true to me, and to live more deeply into that. If you are someone who was raised similarly, and are working towards your own personal empowerment, I would love to support and catalyze you on your journey towards that for yourself by offering and exploring what I have learned along the way. Considerations Astrology helps me tune into: -where am I at? -what am I feeling right now? -what do I think is going on for me at this time in my life? -where does it feel like I am heading? -what are my needs? -how do things work best for me? -what feels the most natural for me? -how can I better approach this situation? -how can I maximize my enjoyment and growth at this time?

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