Natal Chart Intake Questionnaire
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Recommended for New Clients. Gives a basic overview of the Native’s life-energy pattern. Most Helpful to effectively recognize and bring awareness to the inherent motivations, character, and orientation to the world one is born with. Will be focused specifically upon any area(s) of life checked above.

Recommended as a follow-up to Natal Chart reading. Can be focused on Past, Present, or Future. Plots out the shifting energy patterns in one’s life and how they influence segments of time and experience for the native. Future orientation gives overview ‘forecast’ of the upcoming 6-12 months (or longer upon request) Designates periods of struggle and support in specific areas of life.

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Skim The Surface
$50-100 sliding scale:

  • Up to 45-minute exploration talking through my first-impression delineations of significant placements in your chart, giving you a map of what I see will be most valuable for further self-study on your own chart. 

  • You get a recording of the Consultation.


Get Your Feet Wet
$100-200 sliding scale: 

  • Up to 1-hour exploration, overview of delineations and beginning to make pattern connections through aspects of your chart. 

  • Mapping out the most valuable details for further self-study on your own chart. 

  • You get a recording of the Consultation.


Let's Dive In
$200-$400 sliding scale:

  • Everything mentioned above 

  • up to 2.5-hour exploration, including relevant teachings of basic astrology to help you understand the principles of your own chart, offerings of herbal allies/ resources/ action steps how to work with your chart moving forward.

  • You get a recording of the Consultation.

Your Depth:

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For the time being, scheduling appointments has been suspended. You can still submit an intake and I will reach out as able. 

I Vow to keep all information and details of your Intake form and our Consultation confidential unless given explicit permission from you otherwise.

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