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My Story

In true form to my Sagittarius-Rising Nature… the story of my journey is one that is long and winding, and of course impossible to adequately sum up in a few paragraphs.

In fact, thinking on it now, there is more to me than I myself can comprehend.

From coming out in 8th grade, to dropping out of art school and moving to New York city. To working in the heart of the fashion industry. To having an art studio in Detroit. To my Father's passing. To working at a grocery store for 4 and a half years. To a growing relationship with the plant kingdom through the study of Herbalism. To Sweat lodges at Sundance in South Dakota. To building a Tiny-House. To training in Martial Arts. To exploring Kink. To hiking 10 miles in the mountains in California in one day.

Through abusive relationships, with others and with myself. To my mother’s emergency surgery in a foreign country during the Icelandic volcano eruption. To gogo dancing ontop of a bar. To being on the cover of a local lgbtq newspaper. Through struggling with low self-worth. From being the youngest of three. From family living across an ocean. To rock climbing to cheerleading, to painting. To singing and dancing. To spiritual breakthroughs. To crowd surfing. To saving a friend’s life. To meeting a lover in a distant land. 

To countless hours of reading and thinking and feeling and wondering. Researching. Reaching out. Inquiring. Exploring. Facing fears. Unexpected loves. Anger. Joy. Luck. Victory. Shame. Vindication.

The Planets have been there with me through it all. Speaking to me, guiding me, consoling me. Reassuring, humbling, and empowering me.

I will never be able to properly express the immensity of the impact that my ever growing relationship to the planets has had and continues to have upon my life through the study, practice, and living daily with the value Astrology has to give.

The only thing that can stand as testament to my passion for the planets, is the dedication of my life to their service. There is no other field of inquiry in the world that I have found to be more valuable than Astrology, for through it, All of Life is made clearer, and more deeply accessible. More deeply felt, more deeply known.

Astrological Experience:
-19+ years Astrological study
-9+ years chart exploration private practice
-4+ years teaching Intro to Astrology
-Attended United Astrology Conference 2018
-Taught Astrological Herbalism at The Great Lakes Herb Faire 2018
-Former Member of Association for Young Astrologers

and The American Federation of Astrologers

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