Introduction to my Astrological Practice

In order to get the most out of a Chart Exploration with me, as the individual and unique kind of Astrologer I am and the practice I do, it can be most beneficial to get a conceptual and philosophical framework for how I view the use of Astrology and my function as an Astrologer; what use I can be to a client, and why I work the way that I do.

First and foremost, I have been practicing Astrology for over 17 years, however until the day I die and beyond, I will forever be a student and constantly learning and growing with the art/science/language that is Astrology. All that to say while I do have a fairly extensive background and familiarity with the field of Astrology, I do not I ‘know it all’ by any means as the practice of Astrology is as complex as the Universe itself. Astrology is the closest tool for the reflection of reality we have access to, and I am merely the human instrument that reflects its insights and information as clearly as I can to you.


There are two main parts to the practice of Astrology. One is being able to read a chart and delineate meaning from the symbols and their placements, aspects, and conditions, etc. The second is the ability to communicate that information in an accessible, meaningful, and practically valuable way to clients who possesses their own unique level in understanding Astrology.

I am not here to tell you who you are, nor am I here to tell you what will happen to you in the journey of your life. To me this is an unethical practice of Astrology. Archetypal Astrology exists in a space that has one foot in Fate, and one foot in Free-will, so I will never assume the hubris to be able to take into account all possible factors in order to make definitive statements.

I am here to help reveal what essences of energy are present for you to work with and to show you the ways in which they relate to the patterns of experience in your life. Typically when someone is coming to me for a reading it’s because they are looking for more specific guidance and clarity.
I will prefer to work in a Dialogue with you by asking specific questions about your life issues, so that we can focus in on what will be most valuable to you and get the most out of our time together. I then employ the Astrology to further clarify the conditions and surrounding circumstances that are at play in effecting your issues at hand, ideally illuminating more of the factors than you were previously aware of, and by doing so giving you a greater sense of control through the greater awareness of what you’re dealing with; because we cannot do anything about what we are not aware of. The Astrology helps bring to light that which we cannot necessarily see objectively on our own. At the same time, I will move back and forth between guiding our consultation through the insights that I receive from your chart, and simply holding space for your own insights and self-realizations to blossom.


My main psychological background comes through the work of Carl Jung,
and so through my practice I may draw to the surface experiences from your past, childhood, relationships with your father, mother, and other significant figures in your life, in order to help use your chart as a mirror to see more clearly these things which have deep roots in our souls that continually play themselves out in our adult lives. In this regard please be aware that certain things that I can point to in your chart may touch on very personal and sensitive issues. I always aim to gently bring awareness to these places but will never force or push for anything you may not be ready or willing to bring up with me in the moment. I honor your own path and process.
On a more spiritual level I see each of us as Mortal Manifestations of Eternal Essences.

We are each a part of the Incarnated Universe in and of itself as a whole.



Through the experience of an Astrological Chart Exploration with me,

the main goals I am always looking to fulfill are:


  • Creating a comfortable and personable atmosphere in which to share our time together

  • Supporting a shift in transcending a 'Fault/Blame' oriented perspective on life circumstances and happenings, moving towards an empathic connection and compassionate understanding towards humanity and events that transpire.

  • The ability to find lessons and growth opportunities in all occurrences; boosting one's resilience in facing life head-on.

  • Enhanced Awareness and Self-Acceptance leading to a profound relaxation and healing of existential tension, and an increase of self-confidence.

  • A true sense of meaningful connection to the world around us and the universe at large, and a greater sense of unique purpose.

Readings Available Online (Zoom) or In-Person (Metro Detroit Area) 

If at this time you feel called to experience a Chart Exploration with me,
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