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"I am not quite sure I can describe Alexander in a way that truly portrays the compassionate and unique being that he is. The first day I met Alexander I can recall feeling incredibly comfortable and happy to have met this individual. The conversation flowed freely and we learned of each other within minutes. Not only has Alexander taught me the magic that herbs and plants bring into our lives, or continuously shared his astounding knowledge in Astrology, but he has shown me how to just BE. How to be me, be in the moment, be happy with my decisions, be open to learning and accepting, and to just be love. I look forward to days spent with Alexander because his free spirit allows me to be free, be spontaneous, and to be proud of all that I am. Alexander is the perfect example of how we are put on this earth to live out our passion while serving others."



"Ah, Alexander. A kind, conscientious, gentle soul. During my reading, I soon found out and understood why people say it's an intimate experience. It's because you find yourself coming face-to-face with those things you spent a lifetime burying, masking, or ignoring just so you could make it through the next day. It's because you gain an understanding about yourself that helps you understand your relation to the rest of existence. The magnitude of it all can be overwhelming and leave you feeling, at times, vulnerable. Not only are you navigating the cosmos because something has been feeling "off" lately, but you're also embarking on a journey through the very essence of what makes you tick. Since the person guiding you through your chart is also the one helping you navigate your experiences, they should be someone who gives you space to feel what you need to feel and understand what you need to understand. Alexander is just that person. He takes the time to explain everything, answers any questions you might have, and most importantly, he provides you with the space needed for reflection, realization, feeling and understanding. Alexander respects the space he enters when delving so deep into another person's life and creates the safe space that we often times refuse to give ourselves but desperately need in order to heal and grow. At the end of my session, I felt validated in my experiences, confident that I'm moving my life in the right direction (I am in alignment), and I felt an incredible sense of healing."



"For me, Alexander blew the roof off the superficial mainstream illusion of what astrology is and took me down to the real depths of it all. I hadn't really grasped the entirety of astrology before and I don't think I could have had a better introduction than when they read me my chart. They were professional in the way that I love most: Graceful delivery, intuitive to needs, super knowledgeable, patient, FUN, warm, and SAFE. Alexander made something that feels complex very accessible and comprehensible for me. The comfort they created for our session was a beautiful experience because these readings can feel quite intimate! On another note, it's incredibly wonderful and a huge honor to watch someone speak the language of the life path they walk. Awe inspiring, to say the least."



"Alexander is the most spirited, compassionate and knowledgeable human being, herbalist and astrologer I’ve ever met. I had an astrology + herbal session with Alexander in the midst of a health crisis that brought me overwhelming comfort and amazing support. From my experience, Alexander will effortlessly guide you through your deepest-seeded fears, while handing you the emotional and herbal medicine for your best life. He is the most vibrant and compassionate listener, whose presence will make you feel like a wide-eyed, optimistic child again. His presence alone created a shift in me that inspired joyful tears and big laughter for the first time in weeks. Thank you Alexander, you are an angel and amazingly intuitive guide!"



"Legitimately, Alexander blew my mind. I found answers to lifelong questions, found affirmation in so many aspects my self and how my life is unfolding. I have never seen another astrologer put together a natal chart and the narrative that comes with explaining it so seamlessly, so quickly, so compassionately. Absolutely brilliant."




"I love that Alexander is self aware enough to speak openly about what he can provide and through which perspective he is coming from when providing it. Alexander is able to provide unique wisdom, insight and love. His love is what makes the whole thing work. He has a talent for seeing people in a deep way, validating them in their experience of life, and creating new opportunities for them to explore. In my session with Alexander, I got in touch with a quiet hermit in myself who I was neglecting to care for. There is now more peace in my mind space because Alexander's insights gave me a new way to love myself."


"Having an astrology reading is a very intimate and personal experience. It's important that the astrologer has the knowledge and skill to interpret the chart, and to also be skilled in explaining the interpretation to the layperson who isn't fluent in the language of the zodiac. Alexander has these qualities. Since we are revealing intimate, deep things about our lives, it is crucial that the astrologer honors our vulnerability. Alexander is a good listener. He creates a sacred space around the event.

I felt very honored, respected, and protected. He was also very generous with his time, making space for all my questions and clarifying things for me when needed. It was a very affirming and educational experience. You are in good hands with Alexander."



"Alexander is amazing at what he does. The amount of time and study that he has put into his craft clearly comes through in his sessions. He is also such a warm and kind soul. He does an amazing job taking you through your chart, making sure that you are not overwhelmed and constantly checking in with you to make sure that you are ok and that you understand what he is saying. I can't speak highly enough about my session with Alexander!!!"


"Alexander’s practice is collaborative, supportive, and intuitive. He is a clear, thoughtful communicator and a patient teacher. I felt empowered throughout my natal chart reading to ask questions, to take time for reflection, to lead, and to follow. Alexander spent time highlighting noteworthy elements of my chart while allowing me space to direct the flow of the reading. He moved easily between methodical and intuitive modes of communication. I’m SO grateful for our time spent together and would deeply recommend Alexander to folks at all levels of experience."

Corinne Denomme

Jennifer Snowden

Chelsea Schultz

DeAnnah Kleitz-Singleton

Mark Gonzales

Charlotte Miller Marvin

Marcus Elliot

Patricia Ode

Zoe Minikes

Any opportunity to chat with Alexander is a positive thing - and having my chart & lived experience

of it be the central focus of a conversation with him is truly a blessing. Alexander is skilled at holding space and facilitating conversations around challenge and growth. His perspectives throughout the reading were consistently potent and helpful. I would strongly recommend booking Alexander if you're wanting to get more in touch with yourself through astrology.

Kelsey Rose Tortorice

It was an amazing, beautiful, powerful experience of insight-generating self-information gathering and pattern-identifying via my birth chart. I loved my time with Alexander, they're lovely, and I felt really refreshed and reflective coming out of the time I spent with them, and that carried into the days and weeks following.

Katie Nowinski

Alexander made me feel relaxed and engaged at the same time; it's a skill not everyone has. I'm not quite sure how to explain what happens. It's almost like a set of blinders I've been very insistent on wearing got removed. This human helped me see things in a way I hadn't been before and facilitated the experience instead of scripting it. I recommend Alexander to any and all.

Sarah Weinstein

Alexander is a compassionate, skilled and inspiring astrologer to work with. He does an amazing job of deep listening and reflecting to allow greater connection with yourself and your intuition. I highly recommend him!

Dr. Jen Green

I didn't have a lot of expectation for my natal chart reading with Alexander going in, but he arrived with exuberant, kind, and generous energy and an incredible depth of knowledge. He patiently introduced me to the elaborate lexicon of astrology and we dug in side-by-side, unearthing startling revelations, both as excited as the other. Alexander is an important spirit to have here on the planet, and I'm happy to have crossed paths in such a supportive and investigative way. I recommend him very highly.

Jessie Devereaux

I am relieved and inspired to follow that path that has been calling despite fear, and to have so many things confirmed about myself. It helps that they are such a sweet soul. peering to the depths and being able to offer guidance is heavy work at times. Immediately one can sense the safety of trust, which is so important when working with anyone regarding your personal life. 

Cody Westendorf

"This past week was an especially difficult one for me - fortunately, I had made plans to spend some time with Alexander, and it could not have come at a more opportune time. Upon their arrival, my mental state was exasperated, overwhelmed, and over-stimulated after an especially demanding and emotionally draining day of service, labor, and intensity.


Alexander calmly and attentively held space for me as I released a flood of frustrations, worries, concerns, and anger. While I normally would feel an immense sense of guilt for emotionally unloading on someone in -any- way, the space they held for me was calming, welcoming and receptive to the energy that was currently available to me. They reassured me that I wasn't overwhelming them in my somewhat frantic state.


When I finally took a breath, Alexander sat me down, got me a glass of water, and gently prompted me to check in with my body and make sure I was aware of where and what it was wanting while my mind had been scattered and pulled in every direction. They brought my attention to the sort of language I had been using (completely focused on and adapting to my perception of the feelings of those around me, and neglecting my self).


Alexander helped me rein in my energy and encouraged a gentle transition from a chaotic, intense, and scattered state to one more calming and grounding. They tended a space where I could focus on my own needs after a day/week of being hyper-focused on the physical and emotional states and needs of others.


We got some fresh air in our lungs, some sunshine on our faces, and walked to the nearby creek to get out in the air and the day a little. They brought with them a variety of healthy, vegan, gluten-free snacks and ingredients for a meal that felt super nourishing for my body and heart. We did a gentle workout, and stretched and moved our bodies. Alexander's presence fostered an atmosphere of gentle nurturing support, holding space for me and offering and utilizing smoke medicine, hydrosol, teas, tinctures, and food medicine when they/we were drawn to.


Alexander looked at my natal chart and highlighted a few notable things from it that were relevant to the energy I was currently working with and through. As someone with little to no prior knowledge of astrology, the experience was supportive, affirming, and enlightening. They shared their insights in a way that was clear, easy to understand, and responsive to my input.


They walked me through a few mental exercises they'd been working with for their own use. As someone who generally experiences a lot of anxiety when I feel I've been 'put on the spot,' they allowed me the space to reflect on my feelings and ideas, then offered their own helpful insights into what emerged. They were supportive, thoughtful, and gentle in their guidance. They offered clarification and gentle prompting where I needed it. They shared with me some affirmations they'd personally been working with, and suggested I welcome the ones that resonated with me, shed the ones that didn't, and rework the ones that were close, but not -quite- what would be helpful for my own use.


The whole experience was healing, centering, affirmative. It helped me feel physically and spiritually refreshed and energized.


Alexander brings so much to the table. As someone who practices and studies astrology, herbalism, philosophy, and self care, they integrate and harmonize these interests and skills in their practice, and these practices inform and enrich one another as they are utilized by Alexander. I could not more highly recommend any sort of time spent with them, and could not be more grateful for their presence in my life."

Alexandra Milidrag

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