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Introduction to
Components of A Natal Chart

Introduction to
Astrological Herbalism


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Part 1:
*Core Principles of Correspondence


*(Learn how Astrology can enhance your Ayurvedic/Temperament understanding)

*Natal Chart (Elements, Modes, Signs, Houses, Aspects)

*Planets / Dignity / Energetics

Part 1

Part 2:
*How to ID Ruling Planets for Plants + Examples

*Astrological Timing for Planting & Harvesting, 

Part 2

Part 3:
*Astrological Timing for Preparing & Administering


*My Take on Culpeper’s Astrological Formulation


*Case Study


*Further Resources

Part 3

Other Recommended Sources



Podcasts / Apps

Astrology Books

Cosmos and Psyche - Richard Tarnas
The Inner Sky - Steven Forrest
The Changing Sky - Steven Forrest
Healing The Soul - Mark Jones
The Soul Speaks - Mark Jones

The Celestial Art - Austin Coppock
Hermetica Triptycha - Gary P. Caton
Six Ways - Aiden Wachter

Other Books

The Earthwise Herbal - Matthew Wood
The Practicing Herbalist - Margi Flint

Holistic Anatomy - Pip Waller

The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel Van Der Kolk
Codependent No More
- Melody Beattie
I Am A Strange Loop
- Douglas Hofstadter

USA Natal/Aspect Map

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