Frequently Asked Questions


What is Astrology?

Astrology is the art/science/language of correlating the positions and movements of planetary and other celestial bodies with the experience and evolution of our individual and collective essential nature. It follows the understanding of the aphorism 'As Above, So Below'.

How can I benefit from knowing more about myself astrologically?

Astrology benefits each of us by expanding the conscious awareness of our generally subconscious habits, patterns, and routines of behavior. This growing awareness allows us to function in more of a co-creative role with our lives rather than experiencing life at the chaotic whim of unseen and unnamed forces. This enhanced awareness can lead to a radical sense of self-acceptance, existential relaxation, and growth in confidence, and self-trust. Astrology helps us transcend a ‘fault /blame’ oriented perspective on life circumstances and moves us toward an empathic connection and compassionate understanding of the cycles and rhythms of personal and collective events. Feeling aligned with our own personal energetic architecture in relation to collective essential patterns can instill a true sense of meaningful connection and unique purpose within each of us.

What if my chart says I am doomed / cursed/ something awful I don’t want to know?

I do not view or interpret any energy in a chart as inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’… so terms like ‘doomed’ or ‘cursed’ are not a part of my language when speaking on the energetic patterns of someone’s existence. That is not an ethical practice of Astrology. Yes, some patterns indicate a smoother flow of energy, and others more friction, but while a Trine may be “harmonious” and easy flowing, it can also remain undeveloped or lead to excess, while a Square may be more “challenging” it can also lead to mastery and excellence over time.

Can you tell my Future?

Yes and No. The way in which I utilize Astrological insights in terms of tracking future oriented transits and preparing for upcoming alignments is to help an individual identify periods of relative challenge or support. I can relate to someone when those periods of time will be, yes. However Astrology is a dialogue between Fate and Free-will, so while general energy patterns may be pre-determinable, the way in which we choose to work with or struggle against the energy available during a certain period of time is up to us in my opinion. So taking into account the elements of free-will at play, I choose never to presume to make concrete predictions about an individual’s future. I act more as a mapmaker of the terrain of time, and seek to empower my clients with the awareness and ability to navigate the terrain with the greatest ease possible.

Can you communicate with a dead relative/friend/lover for me?

For that type of work would more likely seek out a channel or medium or psychic, which at this time I do not offer as a part of my practice.


What do I leave with after a chart reading?

After your Reading you will leave directly with a print out of your Natal Chart (if we met in person). The following day I will send you a link from which you can download a copy of the Audio Recording of our time together as well as a digital copy of your Natal Chart.

What if I am not happy with my reading?

If you happen to find yourself dissatisfied with your reading, I will refund you 50% of your money back.