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Intentions for Relationship

"My intentions for being in relationship are to support and prioritize both of our individual senses of well-being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; our personal paths of growth and evolution; and that we each are able to have our unique needs met without judgment, through communication, cooperation, and understanding. Through intimate relationship with me I am excited to offer you access to the unique value I embody which I hope can support you to meet some or many of your needs, though I readily acknowledge and accept that I can never be or meet all of your needs. I understand and am excited that through intimate relationship you are allowing me to access the unique value you embody which can support me to meet some or many of my needs, though I remain aware and accept that you can never be or meet all of my needs. In ways relationship with me may challenge or prohibit the meeting of needs, I commit myself to be present for our mutual process of best attempts and challenging awareness that may arise, staying grounded in a search for understanding, and compassion for our growth process - as best we are each able - at any given time, within our unique capacities to hold space for, hear each other, and meet ourselves in any moment, while enduring the process itself (and I ask for the same in return). I look forward to the safety and security that will come through discovering where our personal boundaries meet, and the development of our respectful non-judgmental holding of them. Ultimately, I am simply excited to grow along side you."

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