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Self-Compassion Enriched by Astrological Insight.


I use Astrology just about every day

to support my own experience of life,

and I love sharing the way I practice Astrology 
with others who are curious to benefit from it.


Having a well-established and ever growing relationship with Astrological symbolism, I very much enjoy empowering those I engage with to begin or deepen their own relationship to their personal Birth Chart;
a journey leading towards a more intimate, compassionate, 

and clear relationship to self.

I have benefitted from these sources being made available to me, I offer them here in the hope of extending that benefit to others

Mark G.

Alexander's Insights Gave Me
A New Way To Love Myself.



Corinne D.

They were professional in the ways that I love most: Graceful delivery, intuitive to needs,

super knowledgeable,

patient, FUN, warm, and SAFE.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 7.16.02 AM.png

Jennifer S.

Alexander respects the space he enters when delving so deep into another person's life and creates the safe space that we often times refuse to give ourselves but desperately need in order to heal and grow.


Patricia O.

He has shown me how to just BE. How to be me, be in the moment, be happy with my decisions, be open to learning and accepting, and to just be love.

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