Self-Growth Accelerated with Astrological Insight. 


Each of us have a personal map to our life;
A set of schematics to our individuality and unique character.
That map is called a Natal Chart,

and it is the key to navigating your life with

Clarity, Intention, and Purpose.

As an Astrologer with the ability to read and communicate the insights from these unique maps, I am able to empower those I engage with personalized, growth-focused perspectives geared towards facilitating their own ability to heal themselves,

their self-worth, and their most valued relationships.

From our first exploration of your Natal chart, to offering myself as a Catalyst in your own process of growth and self-empowerment, I would be honored to hold space in your life that supports and nurtures your expanding ability to love and embody your whole authentic nature.

In our present age we are seeing through the fog of history, and remembering how to tap into this ancient and potent relationship to the universe, through the study of the cosmos and ourselves. These insights have utterly transformed my own life and it is from my first-hand experience of the value Astrology has to offer that my passion for sharing it with others stems from.

Alexander's insights gave me

a new way to love myself.

Mark G.


Corinne D.

They were professional in the ways that I love most: Graceful delivery, intuitive to needs, super knowledgeable, patient, FUN, warm, and SAFE.

Jennifer S.

Alexander respects the space he enters when delving so deep into another person's life and creates the safe space that we often times refuse to give ourselves but desperately need in order to heal and grow.


Patricia O.

He has shown me how to just BE. How to be me, be in the moment, be happy with my decisions, be open to learning and accepting, and to just be love.

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