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We live in a society that has trained us

to give our Power away.

Spending our time, money, and precious energy

at the service of other people's wants and needs,

planning our lives to other people's schedules.

I spent the majority of my life feeling controlled

by everything going on -around- me.

I wasn't the center of my own life. 

I changed all that.
I rearranged my life around the person living it: me.
I took my power back. 


it's all about a delicate balance,

and making clear connections about how the ways we support ourselves

directly impact our ability to be supportive

for our loved ones and our communities

when we are best able to.

-Feedback Loops-








It Starts With A Reading.

Situating your own oxygen mask FIRST,

isn't only advice for airplane rides. 
it's a lifetime priority. 

We cannot be a true support to anyone else if we are not first supporting ourselves.

What I'm here to do is to
 hold-space, facilitate, and catalyze

your own ability to re-balance

the priorities in your life

starting with
your self.


By initiating a shift

and integrating simple strategies

seamlessly into new routines
of self love, care, and maintenance,
You will build a new foundation

of self-worth, self-trust, and confidence

upon which your hopes and aspirations for

your future will blossom.

Not only that,
but all the insight

I have to offer you 

from my own personal experience
will be adjusted and tailored specifically

to your own personal nature
intentionally based directly from your

Individual Astrological Birth Chart.


Like a 'CATALYST' I am only here to activate and energize

your own personal process of growth and evolution.
Guiding you to develop your own ways of listening to your self,

taking accountability for your own needs,

and empowering your own sense of inner authority

(through embodying my own ways of doing so for my self).

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