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A brief look into some of the details and key features

 of each week of the CATALYST Program. 

Persona Vehicle: Week 2
In the Natal Chart this area of life corresponds to the First House. 
   -Self Care Techniques Exploration
   -Fitting them into Natural Rhythms
Look at 1st House of Natal Chart
Discussion: Relationship to Appearance
Clothes /Dress – Tidy/Clean Out

Physical / Body / Diet: Week 3

How was/is Tidying
-Review Diet
Discussion: Your Relationship to your Body
Look at 2nd House of Natal Chart (make connections to the tidying and diet)
Share Stretching Routines /Suggestions

Stretching / Exercise: Week 4
-Self-Care Routines
-Self Massage
Make A Good Meal Together
Look at 1st and 6th House
Exercise Routine that serves what feels good for you in your spaces
Exploring Nature space

Home / Personal Space: Week 5
-How does your Bedroom look /feel?
-Core Beliefs
Looking at 4th House /Cancer /Moon
Discuss: Relationship to Mother /Primary Care Giver
Activity: Cook a Good Meal Together /Make Tea
Discussion: Relationship with people you live with
Creating Personal Sacred Space (Altar if desired)

Creative Self-Expression: Week 6

-Kitchen Tidy
Look at 5th House /Leo /Sun
Creative Expression Exploration
Translation process/strategies from Ideas to Reality (Virgo)

One to One Relationships: Week 7

Looking at 7th House /Libra /Venus + Mercury /Gemini /3rd House
-Significant others
-At Work
Common Denominators /Patterns
Is it You? Is it Them? Is it the Relationship?

Power / Intensity: Week 8

Looking at 8th House /Pluto /Scorpio
In-depth discussion of Power Dynamics in Relationships /Sexuality
     and how you relate to them in your life.
what roles do you need to play out in your public life/private life?  
Trust building (Trusting yourself and checking in with your body)
Energetic Protection
Relationship to Death /Void

Philosophy / Bigger Picture: Week 9
Looking at your 9th House /Jupiter /Sagittarius
Experiences with foreign cultures /beliefs /travel experiences
How have your experiences with Astrology been shaping your bigger picture?
Being Loud and Taking Up Space.  

Role in Society / Calling / Career: Week 10

-Your One Passion
-Where in your past did motivation for this come from?
Level of responsibility as a Child
Relationship to Father, what did you have to do/be to get his love/attention/approval
Looking at 10th House /Capricorn /Saturn
Issues around Authority /Trust /Perfectionism
Would you like to start a side passion business of this, or pursue this full-time?

Group Relations / Social Media / Technology:
Week 11

-Most natural ways of interacting with the Public
Your relationship to technology /Social media
Look at 11th House /Aquarius /Uranus
Hopes Wishes and Dreams for Future
How your friendships reflect your Hopes Wishes and Dreams (are they aligned?)
The Balance between Self and Community. (Balancing multiple community interactions)

Relationship to Spirit / Universe/ Self: Week 12
Time in Nature
Look at 12th House /Neptune /Pisces
Ways to notice and interact with the universal presence. (synchronicities)
Experiences with Tarot
Expressing Gratitude to Universe
Learning to Forgive the Universe

Personal Closing Ceremony: Week 13
Fears /Apprehensions about ending program
Forgiveness /Appreciation /Healing of Past Selves leading to this point.
Commitment to Self Ceremony

(and through self – All)

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