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Making Astrology more Relational and Relevant to the rest of your life.

Via Google Calendar

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I believe the best way to not only learn astrology,

but to get the most value and practical support

from it in one’s life is simply to live with

the awareness of it

day -by- day.


-All World Transits for the Year 2020

-Sync and Integrate with other Calendar Apps
 on your Phone and Computer, etc.

-Customizable Notifications

-Multiple View Options

-Searchable Entries

-Timely Self-Reflective Prompts

-Links to Interpretations and Charts

-Printable Format Options for a Hard Copy

-5 Separate Calendars let you Filter what is       most Relevant for you.

+More Features/Partnerships in Development to be added!

View Relevant World Transits
In Direct Relation to your Life Events:

Take into consideration how that

Business Meeting on the 1st of August will be Influenced by Mercury Opposing Pluto (Rx) earlier that morning...

The Full Moon in Aquarius sounds like a Great Time for a Potluck Dinner with Friends! 


Extended Entries for

Major Planetary


Lunar Phase Insight

Timely self-reflective prompts correspond with relevant planetary motions to support you in making the most of auspicious


Roughly every other day

 as the moon enters

a new zodiac sign,

focused suggestions

invite you to keep

in tune with natural

lunar rhythms 

Various bonus links

make it easy for you to find 
relatable content from your favorite podcasters and even spotify playlists

For those who work with herbal products or body awareness, plan out more opportune times

for working in relation to

the moon's energetic tides 

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Hand-Picked Interpretations for each Transit come as base level and supplemental insight for every calendar entry

(Based on my own experience of spending years looking up transits on my own)

I will be updating and adding new content every month for what is latest and relevant with more links and supportive insights, as well as adding an additional month-ahead so you always have access to

a full year-ahead.

Over time I will build in more of my own

Personal additions of Interpretations, Suggested use of specific Transits,  Elections, Herbal associations, etc. 

LINKS TO CHARTS has always been my personal go-to for past/present/future planetary position tracking. 

For your convenience, I have linked all Transit Event entries in the Calendar

with their corresponding full chart diagram.

For general use or Astrologers-in-Training,

It is Important to take into consideration whole chart relationships, and to see the planets in circular form as opposed to

a mere list of placements.

Planetwatcher also allows you to scan through time and watch the progression of planets as they move through the Zodiac which is not common for other Chart apps.

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Get Full-Year Calendar Access and Begin Integrating Astrology

into your Personal Timeline

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