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Introduction To Astrological Herbalism

Video and Handout
What's covered in this Class? 
*Core Principles of Correspondence
(Learn how Astrology can enhance your Ayurvedic/Temperament understanding)
*Natal Chart (Elements, Modes, Signs, Houses, Aspects)
*Planets / Dignity / Energetics
*How to ID Ruling Planets for Plants
*Astrological Timing for Planting, Harvesting, Preparing, Administering.
*My Take on Culpeper’s Astrological Formulation
*Case Study
*Further Resources

~No Prior Familiarity Necessary~

Introduction To Astrological Herbalism

  • Runtime 1:30:17 .mov
    + 3 Page Handout
    Alexander Weyer
    September 8th 2018
    Great Lakes Herb Faire
    Chelsea, MI

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