A Note on Payments

Accessibility is important to me. I believe that anyone who feels they may benefit from what I have to offer should have the opportunity to. Check out these options below and let me know what feels best for you.
I'm open to discuss and compromise. 



All Offerings are based on Sliding Scale

Accepted Payment Types:

Paypal, Cash, Check, Trade, XRP (coinbase)
PayPal Email: AWAstrology@gmail.com

Payment Plans:

Pay deposit on your reading/session beforehand, pay the rest, at once, afterwards.
For those who have access to enough monetary value so as not to create hardship or strain upon their own resources. 

Pay over time after you receive your reading /catalyst session (through recurring payment installments on Paypal) *no fee or interest added
For those who would benefit from an in-depth chart exploration but the full cost of which would feel like a burden to pay all at once, may choose the option to pay in smaller portions on a monthly basis.

Barter/Trade: I accept energy exchanges in other forms beside money. I also accept value in terms of: Therapeutic sessions. Massage/body work. Herbal Medicine, Food, Help with my Tiny house or in my Garden, Seeds, Handcrafted Tools/Talismans. Artwork. Educational Opportunities. 
For those who would benefit from an in-depth chart exploration but the cost of which, paid in monetary form, would create hardship, and are willing to offer their own goods/services/energy in exchange. 

Gift: pay for someone else to receive a reading/session that you know

Sponsor/Scholarship: pay for someone else to receive a reading/session that you don’t know.

Pay-What-You-Can: On occasion I offer chart explorations at a 'pay-what-you-can' level for people as needed, this means that you pay me whatever works best for you anywhere from $1-$10-$100-$1000 directly after the reading, no strings attached. Please email me directly if you would like to claim one of them. 

Further Questions please email me at AWAstrology@gmail.com