What is the Catalyst Process?

The Catalyst Process is a very intentional framework and container

for engaging with one another in Growth and Personal Empowerment.

What is the Framework?

Start Where You Are At.
Whether it's Healing, Growth, Empowerment, or Personal Evolution,
You're already underway in those processes for your self. 
Coping Mechanisms, Defenses, Co-Dependency,
are all behaviors you may have needed at one point, and may still in certain regards.
Nothing about you is 'wrong'.
Wherever you're at, that's where we start.
And you're ready to move beyond where you have been.

As a Catalyst, I make myself available to you,
granting you access to and making offerings of
my personal journey, stories, strategies, reflections, and tools for resilience

based on my own lived experience.

As the Person I am engaging with,
on what is best for you.
Of the offerings I present to you,
you decide what to take, what to leave, and what to modify to your own needs.
This includes a safe space to practice saying 'No'
and having that be intentionally honored and respected. 

The 'Offerings' I present are in contrast 
to giving 'Advice' or telling you 'How To' do something
as though I know what's best for you.
I may have ideas or notions about possibilities of personal development 
that may benefit your process of growth,
but I would not -also- be providing a space for your growing sense of self-empowerment
if I didn't leave it up to you to make those decisions for your self. 


What Experience do I have?

My Experiences include, but are not limited to:

Astrology, Herbalism, Body Awareness and Breath Work, Being Queer,
Nature Skills, Gardening, Wild Foraging, Martial Arts (Wing Chun Do)
Spiritual Development, Community Involvement, World Travel,
Philosophy, Art, Altar work, Home Organization, Tiny-House Building,
Kink, Rope Bondage, Power-Dynamics, Litter Pick-up
Entrepreneurship and Anti-Capitalism/Anti-Patriarchy efforts
Unraveling my own internalized White privilege/supremacy/fragility/ableism/fatphobia

among other conventionally subconscious prejudices.

Healing my own co-dependent behaviors by building healthy boundaries

through radical self-honesty and intentional communication skills.

Of the areas mentioned above,
I do not claim to be an Authority upon any of them
I can only offer you my authentic personal experiences with each.

What Happens in a Catalyst Session?

It begins with Checking-In:
With the Body
Creating space to tune into current physical sensations in the body

and listen to what they are telling us, asking of us, needing from us.

Breath, posture, a hug if appropriate, water, food, stretching or exercise… etc.

With the Mind
Generally through checking in on your current Astrological transits as prompts. 
Holding space for you to express where you are at mentally and emotionally
and to convey what is important to you in the moment.

With the Spirit
Holding space to express and connect the physical, mental, and emotional with your current spiritual reality.

Tuning into deeper and wider senses of connection with the world around and within us,

acknowledging our relationship to other layers of our environment and circumstances.

Ultimately acknowledge each of our selves as humans-being-human

and spirits having human experiences. 

Cultivating compassion for where we are each at in the moment

and moving forward from there.

In each stage of checking-in 
it is likely that current issues asking for attention and evolution will come up.
Each issue that arises which you are ready and willing to examine and share with me
will be treated with honor and the deepest consideration I can call forth. 
The offerings I present to you in relation to whatever comes up can take many forms
including but not limited to:
Astrologically based insight, Herbal Allies, Stories and Strategies from my personal life, 
Self-validation techniques, Perspective Re-Framing, Physical Movements,

even simply sharing conscious Heart Space in Silence.

Ultimately, I be Me, and You be You,
And separately, yet together, we unfold. 


Catalyst Sessions Series 

Self-Scheduled within 6 month period:


Natal Chart Reading - 1.5 hours
Get a base reading of your energetic architecture. Identify desired focus areas for development and evolution through House emphasis.

Transit Forecast Reading - 1 hour
Identify current trends and upcoming periods of possible struggle and support, highlighting key time periods for growth opportunities.

3 Catalyst Sessions - 1 hour
Cultivate awareness, strategies, and tools for resilience around the feedback loops

in your life based on your natal chart.
 Initiate shifting the unsupportive cycles in your life into supportive ones.

1 mini Catalyst Session - 30 min (anytime)
Anytime throughout the process

you need that extra boost of 


1 Catalyst Session - 1.5 hour
Gather all we've processed, express gratitude to ourselves for having shown up to care for our personal evolution, set compassionate intentions for moving forward into the rest of our lives. 

$999 for 6 Months of Availability

(Price reduced if you've already had and paid for your Natal Chart Reading)

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