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Introduction to

Astrological Herbalism Class

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This past September for the Exactitude of my Saturn Return I had the honor to be able to Teach at the Great Lakes Herb Faire where I was able to premier my ‘Introduction to Astrological Herbalism’ Class for the first time! I have just recently been able to get around to editing the video documentation I took of that class into a presentable format that is now available for you! I had so much fun giving this class and I am so thankful I can now share it with those who were unable to attend in person <3

~No Prior Familiarity Necessary~

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Part 1:
*Core Principles of Correspondence

*(Learn how Astrology can enhance your Ayurvedic/Temperament understanding)

*Natal Chart (Elements, Modes, Signs, Houses, Aspects)

*Planets / Dignity / Energetics


Part 1

Part 2:
*How to ID Ruling Planets for Plants + Examples

*Astrological Timing for Planting & Harvesting, 

Part 2

Part 3:
*Astrological Timing for Preparing & Administering


*My Take on Culpeper’s Astrological Formulation


*Case Study


*Further Resources

Part 3


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